Just a quick update on what I’ve been up to.  When I started moving rooms during Easter all machine sewing got put aside and that meant my not quite finished red & white star quilt which I started in March.  I also left my sewing machine on the table it was on plugged in as if I had just gotten up to have a cuppa.  I don’t think my 20 year old Janome machine appreciates being left on a table and ignored.

I’m just finishing up the last two points and need to get some more background fabric for the setting squares & triangles.  I didn’t grab enough when I originally started the quilt so I popped down to Threadbear today but they didn’t have any of the Kona I’m using, fortunately they’re only four streets away, so I’ll either have to wait til some more comes in or choose a different fabric which I’m fairly certain will take it away from being a red & white quilt to red, white and green quilt

Anyway here is a quick pic of it lying on the floor earlier today with one row missing as its on the sewing table.  I tried out some fabrics from my stash for backgrounds and was really drawn to the greens but I really do want this to be a red and white quilt.

image of red & white star quilt

Red & White star quilt

And here is the block I made for the Quilts in the Barn Jo Morton fabric raffle quilt, minus my signature and this before my machine decided to stay in reverse until a quick visit to the sewing machine repair man.   The main fabric is an older one, perhaps four or five years old.  I think it’s from Jo’s Caramels?  Finding a neutral was a little harder and my signature when I did it doesn’t stand out very well.  Have a look at some of Linda’s posts to see all the lovely blocks she has received from quilters all around the world

image of jo morton signature block

My block for the Quilts in the Barn raffle quilt

Janome machines can have a sticky reverse, apparently.  I can’t complain as my machine is 20 years old and really has given great service.  I’m very fond of it and haven’t been in any hurry to get a new one but perhaps that day is getting closer.