Last year I said that 2011 was the year I’d start to explore modern quilts & fabrics and so I’ve started.  Two weeks ago Margaret and I went on a little shopping trip to the city and visited Amitie, a quilt shop in Bentleigh, Melbourne.  Amitie have a lovely selection of modern fabrics, glorious Liberty Art Prints as well as Kaffe Fassett fabrics and a sprinkling of repros, we even found a tiny scrap of Smithsonian Rising Sun fabric.

But I was on a mission to find modern fabrics for my Maltaville blocks.  I jokingly said to Margaret a little while back that I’d do the Maltaville in modern fabrics and the idea stuck.  I’m really interested in exploring some of the modern style of quilts in reproduction fabrics and this is an extension of that exploration.  Many of you will be aware of the Civil War Bride quilt by Corliss Searcey and I’ve seen a few of these quilts in all sorts of fabrics which has contributed to me going down this path.  I’m certainly not abandoning reproduction quilts and fabrics, just spreading my wings.

Anyway below are a few photos of the fabrics I’ve picked up on our trip as well as the first block of the Maltaville I’ve completed.

image of fabrics for maltaville quilt

My Maltaville fabrics so far...

This is the first block I’ve finished, in fabrics selected at AQC in April from the Ballarat Patchwork stand and I’ve started on the Oak Leaf & Reel block, featuring the dark green fabric as well as the last red fabric on the right.

image of a maltaville quilt block

Maltaville Album block

I’ve had very little time this year for quilting, blogging and blog reading but that’s changing so I’m looking forward to a very productive year, I hope.