Projects on the go

I though I might list my projects that I am working on at present.

  • Kaffe Fassett baskets – invisible machine applique, based on a vase in a very old 1700s quilt.
image of kaffe-fasset-baskets

Some of the smaller baskets of this quilt which is still in the design phase

  • Pickledish Clamshells – This is a project I just take along when I need some easy hand-piecing.

9″ Pickledish Clamshells

  • Red & White Lone Star – Just need to take a photo and put it on the completed page.  21/2/12
image of Red & White star quilt

Red & White star quilt

  • Maltaville Album – 6 of I don’t know how many I’ll actually do.  Time to start back on this one.  Just printed out some more blocks. 21/2/12

One is missing but you get the idea

These ones below are just sitting in their boxes gathering dust. 😦

  • Abbeville County – 6 of 9 blocks done

Abbeville block

  • Flying Geese – 5 of 9 blocks done, haven’t touched this in ages.

Four of my flying geese blocks

  • Baltimore Appliqué centre – embroidery and then border one. Now has border and next round is happening.

Epergne of fruit & flowers

  • Old Maids Puzzle – sew strips together and give to Margaret to quilt
  • 1930’s simple squares – sew border on and give to Margaret to quilt. Done and bound. Photo needed. 21/2/12
  • William Morris – 11 broderie perse and many square in squares to go

Feathered star centre of William Morris quilt

  • 4 block Mexican Rose appliqué – finish last setting triangle and decide on border. This only needs its border now.   This one actually has it’s borders on and is quilted, just waiting to be bound.  Again waiting for a new photo.

Flower medallion quilt

Well that’s all I can remember at present.  I’ve restricted myself to not starting any more quilts for the last 18 months so really I’ve only broken that three times and I’m about to break it again with my new Basket of Rose design I’m working on. I’ll add some photos as time permits.

Finally I’ve added some rough quick photos of most of the quilts mentioned above.


3 thoughts on “Projects on the go”

  1. The red and white star quilt is beautiful! I am anticipating the finished picture because I’m curious how you finished around the actual star, or if you just left it in a star shape. Nice work!!

    • Hoping to finish it in the next few days Laura, so it should be up soon. I had to think about how to finish it as it just looked a little unfinished with just the star.

  2. These are also just lovely. Thank you for sharing.