Sorry I haven’t posted for nearly a month, I hurt my back and sitting at the computer wasn’t an option for awhile.  But enough of that, Margaret and I are just back from the Sydney Quilt show and Wow! what a fabulous and busy weekend we had.

Up before the crack of dawn for me on Friday as I left my place at 6.30am in the fog to get to Margaret’s.  I had to drive very slowly as its quite a windy and narrow road and of course the kangaroos are out and about at that time of the morning.  Margaret’s lovely husband, Lindsay, drove us to the airport and before we knew it we we’re coming in to land at Sydney airport.

Landing at Sydney gave both Margaret and I a new appreciation of why international visitors are impressed when they enter the country at Sydney.  The view was spectacular with the vista of the blue harbour and sandy beaches in the sun.

First off a fabulous luncheon with Margaret’s cousin Grant at Matthew’s Peacock Garden in Crows Nest.  If you ever get the chance to go there the food and service is beautiful and well worth the visit.

By 4.00pm we were finally on our way to the Show.  Here are a few photos of Margaret and I with just one of the many sculptures around Darling Harbour that Lindsay has cast.

Margaret at Darling Harbour

Sorry for the blurry photo’s but it was after our lovely lunch.

Me, happy to have something to rest against

We had a very quick visit to the show before it was time to chose a nice dinner restaurant for everyone.  Dinner was a very merry affair with Carol, Guy, Mary Lou and Isabelle from Quilt Mania, Petra & Nel from Den Haan & Wagenmakers and Joe & Mary Koval.

I’ll post again about the rest of the weekend in Sydney soon, with some photo’s, as well as tomorrow at CAG when they Carol, Petra & Nel and Joe and Mary come up to Castlemaine for the day.