Margaret and I landed in San Antonio on Monday evening after an eventful trip.  Melbourne to Sydney was the first leg of the journey and the highlight of that was a dinner celebrating the first stage of our trip.

Margaret relaxing with a Chardi

and our yummy dinner at our favourite Sydney restaurant in China Town.

and we enjoyed every bit

After our dinner it was off to our hotel near the airport and then up early to catch our plane to LA.  We had only two hours between our arrival at LAX and our next departure to Atlanta and as we looked at the crowd we got a little worried, you should have seen us running to the plane door, literally!  In a our seats and I was asleep before takeoff and barely woke up as we landed in Atlanta, then off to our next plane taking us to San Antonio and again we just got there in time.  Before we knew it we were at San Antonio and Sherry and Darwin were whisking us away for dinner.

After a day of rest we got to work finishing our pattern and then a day of sightseeing with our wonderful friends, Sherry and Darwin and our lovely new friend Joan.

Joan, Darwin and Sherry

and Margaret and I doing the tourist thing on our rest day before heading off to Houston at 4.30am!

Being tourists

It’s nearly 1.00am now so I best be off to get a few hours sleep.  Read a little more about our adventures on our new blog Turn Left for Harmony.