In the last 18 months I’ve tried not to start any new projects, but to finish the ones I already had on the go.  Amazingly,  I’ve only broken that rule once, for a cot quilt.

This hasn’t stopped me from collecting the materials etc for the new ideas that pop into my head though.  One of these ready to go projects is my version of a Princess Feather quilt using a fabric from the Grande Teint fabric range from last year.  The ‘feathers’ are all cut out, roughly, and a few months ago I found about 4 yards (approx 3.50 metres) of RJR Smithsonian fabric, the dark green ‘The Grooms Quilt’,  for the background on Etsy. A lady was clearing out her fabric stash and it was ridiculously cheap.

Princess Feather project to be

This would be about the third lot of fabric I’ve bought for the background. I looked everywhere for a red and couldn’t find anything I like, tried two different paler fabric but it just didn’t have the rich impact that I’m hoping this will have.

I’ll possibly be using a buttonhole stitch as averse to a blanket stitch, as I like the texture of the ridge that you get from the buttonhole stitch.

Buttonhole stitch example

The image above was a quick test of two different buttonhole stitches, I did at Goldfields Quilters last Wednesday. You can just see the ridge/knot that’s formed as you sew.  I have to decide if in fact I will Broderie Perse this quilt or do traditional needle-turn.

I’ve got 12 Broderie Perse blocks (small) to do on my Feathered Star Medallion quilt so by the time I’ve finished that I guess I’ll know what I want to do.