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were to be found at the An Moonen lecture on the history of Dutch Quilts & Textiles yesterday.  This wonderful lecture was a Victorian Quilt Study Group event organised by their Convener, Janet O’Dell.  Without Janet this would not have happened, so Thank You, Janet.

image of An Moonen

An Moonen takes a photo of the 80 plus attendees

After An’s talk we had a lovely afternoon tea and had the chance to chat with old and new friends, and the opportunity to look at some of Janet O’Dell’s beautiful old quilts

image of Janet O'Dell crib quilt

Antique Crib quilt belonging to Janet O'Dell. I want some of that gorgeous bright blue fabric.

Unbeknownst to Janet this Crib quilt is actually a Antique Dutch quilt, not English as Janet believed.  Whilst looking at it An found a small triangle of Indian Chintz which clearly marks it as Dutch.   It was apparently illegal for the English to have Indian Chintz.

image of Janet O'Dell quilt

Another of Janet's Antique quilts, this one really is English

image of Janet O'Dell hexagon quilt

One of Janet's many beautiful hexagon quilts. Note the fringe at the bottom.

We also were asked to bring any quilts for either made from Dutch Chintz or inspired by the quilts in An’s book.

I brought along my quilt, 'Timely', I made last year after buying An's book.

The above quilt is now at Margaret’s, who is now inspired with entirely different ideas of how she will quilt it.

During a quick chat with An, she insisted that I bind my quilt in the traditional manner, turning in both the front and back and stitching them together, almost with a ladder stitch, to compliment the work I’ve already done.  That is going to be a new and challenging skill to learn.

image of An Moonen book

My much read copy of An's book

I’ll be back soon with another post with photos of some show n tell from Kaye.  It’s time for bed.