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A month ago, Irene and I went for a lovely day out sewing at Somerset Patchwork and its time to go again!  Now normally when I go out sewing locally or use my car I put all my sewing kit in one of my rattan baskets.

image of rattan baskets

Some of my baskets

The one I use mostly is something like what I imagine Little Red Riding Hood would have.

image of rattan basket

Off to Grandma's basket

But when travelling on the train it’s really not the go, so last time I threw all my sewing in a plastic shopping bag, not a nice one, a scruffy, flimsy one at the last minute before I shot down to the railway station to catch the train and when Irene picked me up at the other end she was appalled that I had my lovely applique in it!

So knowing this Sunday was fast approaching and I was again contemplating how I would transport all my sewing stuff since I’m quite certain I don’t want to use any of my baskets I started to look online for a pattern to whip up a quick little sewing bag/pouch/etc.

After spending maybe 20 minutes searching and not finding any patterns I fancied, I went off blog browsing and this is what I found.  The Fat Quarter Sewing Bag by Meredithe at pomegranate and chintz.  I found two fat 1/4s of Japanese fabric left over from a quilt I made for some and off I went.  I followed the pattern for the outside but decided to change to pockets etc to suit what I needed.

image of sewing bag

Sewing some cotton holders

I put a bit of thought into what I might want and having a place to slot in 4 or 5 cottons was a requirement.  After thinking about how I might do that I decided to put them at the bottom so the bottom of the bag would support them.

image of sewing bag

The inside all ready to go.

I decided to make the centre loop just a smidgen larger to hold my basting glue.  The pockets above hold a tube of needles and two thimbles, one for normal sewing and one for binding as well as slightly larger pocket for a tape measure.

image of sewing bag

I hope I thought of everything!

As you can see there’s room for a little ruler, a little cutter, a scissors, as well as two large pockets that fit my purse and phone.

And here’s the finished product

image of sewing bag

Already for tomorrow, oops nothing to sew!

And I’ve almost finished sewing up my Bearclaw quilt. It’s further along than this photo shows. I’ll post an update on it later in the week.

image of bear claw quilt

Almost all together.

and I finally updated some of my other pages, not a lot just a little. I’ve updated all the header images, all except the dodgy one on this page and a little bit of info about me and I really will get around to taking some photos of Finished quilts etc.