to everyone who chimed in to help find this fabric.  I’ve got a few metres on order now.  While I probably only need a metre or two, I’ve decided to get four, as well as some other treats.  Unfortunately for my purse, it was an Australian store so that meant Australian dollars, more expensive than US even on special, but I do try to buy from local patchwork stores and only buy O/S if I can’t get it locally.

I’m busy finally finishing off the dogtooth borders of my basket quilt.  I started them ages ago, had 2 and half done and then just stopped.  I blame the weather, we did have a few warm days.  I’ve used the freezer-paper foundation method so while they are very accurate they certainly take longer to do.  So today I’m going to finish them no matter what and then it’s back to the office to do some maintenance on a few websites, as well as start another site for a new client.  That will mean no sewing during the day and no blogging or quilt blog reading!

image of dogtooth border

Freezer-paper foundation dogtooth border

Well back to the ironing board as it were.