Life has been a bit busy of late, with lots of quilting adventures.  So what have I been up to since last I posted you ask?

Well I ran up some very simple blocks for a simple quilt but am yet to find Kona Expresso (a very dark brown) anywhere and of course that and only that is what I want for my setting squares & triangles.

image of chilli & chocolate stars

Blocks for my Chilli & Chocolate Stars

The first flowers of spring Down Under have bloomed, you’ve seen them on other blogs, however I have a lovely Daphne bush at the front steps that just fills the house with its heavenly scent. Charlie the cat seemed quite happy about the advent of spring.

image of cat and daphne bush

Charlie's favourite place to be when it blooms

I finally finished a few of my Maltaville blocks.

image of Some of my maltaville blocks

A few of my Maltaville blocks

I attended CAG and that was as always lots of fun with gorgeous quilts to see and inspiring quilters to catchup with.  The quilt below is by Chris Serong who is an amazing quilter, designer and teacher.  Even the borders are made up of hexagons.

Chris Serong hexagon quilt

Amazing hexagon quilt by Chris Serong

Margaret and I went to Melbourne for a day trip and while we were there we stopped at the Arts Centre.  Looking around the city at night gave me a renewed appreciation for Melbourne, which is currently holding the title of  “Worlds Most Liveable City”.

image of Victorian Arts Centre

Victorian Arts Centre

On the ReproFabricLovers Yahoo list there was a discussion by some of us Aussies about the long time it takes for some items to arrive and this image below certaintly tells me why my fabric took five weeks to arrive.

By way of Sweden?

Sweden  I’m fairly certain isn’t really on the way to Australia from the US but hey maybe Geography has changed since I was at school.

Then came QITB and meeting up with some of the ReproFabricLovers girls, see the group photo on Linda’s blog, and many of the CAG ladies, as well as meeting the lovely Jo Morton & Russ.  We lunched with Maureen and Kirsten in Castlemaine a few days later.  QITB is always so much fun, thank-you Linda and crew, and I beat Margaret in finding some Smithsonian fabric in one of Jo’s older quilts.

image of quilt

a little Smithsonian fabric

We spent hours at QITB which really gave me plenty of time to really look at the quilts properly.  Often I find these events are so full of beautiful quilts, meeting new people and catching up with old friends that really getting to spend time looking at the quilts can almost become lost.  Not this time and every-time I looked at a quilt I saw something new and inspiring.

image of jos-star

Beautiful detail in one of Jo's quilts

I really loved the colouring in this quilt.

image Jos-flying-geese

Beautiful colouring in this quilt

and last but not least this gorgeous little snowball quilt.  I’ve never really liked the snowball block but just loved it in this size.

image of jos-snowballs

Inspiring little snowball quilt by Jo Morton

My next post will undoubtedly be about my adventures in tea dyeing!  I promise my next post wont be far away!