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Well I did this post some time ago, in early July and somehow forgot to actually post it.  My bad.  So anyway I thought I’d hit the Publish button and do a proper post after I get back from the Melbourne Craft & Quilt Fair at Jeff’s shed which started today.

From a month ago…

It’s been a real whirlwind of quilty goodness lately.  Things are returning to normal thankfully or I don’t think I’d last much longer.

Margaret has posted about some of the lovely quilts we spent hours pouring over so be sure to have a look at the photo’s she’s been able to show.

Anyway here are some rough photos of the CAG event as well as some quick shots I took of some Boutis that I saw as I was leaving the Sydney quilt show.

image of sydney-fabrics

Just some of the fabrics I picked up in Sydney

just some of the fabric I picked up in Sydney

image of bouti1

Gorgeous Boutis

and another

image of boutis2

and another absolutely gorgeous Boutis

and this next one is my favourite, unfortunately I didn’t find out where they came from or who made them

image of boutis3

and this if my favourite Boutis

I’ve already starting drafting a pattern of this last one, as an appliqué of course.

CAG was fabulous and it’s alway a great opportunity to catch up with lots of lovely and amazingly talented quilters.

I wasn’t able to take very good photos at CAG as my camera isn’t up to it but here’s one quilt which is my favourite.  Bev’s quilt is my all-time favourite version that I’ve seen of Di Ford’s 19th Century Baskets quilt.  It’s not a good photo but the quilt is lovely.

image of bevs19thcenturybaskets

Bev Bannards version of the Di Ford pattern 19th century baskets

And of course it was lovely to catch up with Mary and Joe again at CAG.

image of mary-joe-me

Mary, Joe and I