First off I’d like to thank all those visitors who kindly followed the link in the previous post and completed my survey.  It was really appreciated.

And now a return to normal blogging. 🙂

Over the easter break my house has been a teenager free zone, with my youngest returning perhaps on Thursday or if I’m lucky on Friday.  I really prefer it to be Saturday and you’ll see why in the photos below.

In starting my business it was really necessary to set up my office/studio properly.  Up to now I’ve had my computer next to my son’s in the family area of the house.  Part of my no computers in bedrooms policy.  This has meant that the boys grew up with the idea that they are always open about what’s on their computer and have always been happy to show me what’s on their MySpace / Facebooks accounts.  This however is not conducive to an uninterrupted work area for me.

Anyway I had decided that Zac’s room would be the best room to be my office/workspace so yesterday I decided to start moving everything and I’ve done most of the work in setting up my office except for a few minor things such as getting my new workbench delivered.  I didn’t do this in a very organised manner, just started hauling stuff around.

My new office/workspace

While moving everything I found something I thought finished and sent, don’t know how I made that booboo, but it’s on the agenda after Friday.  Sorry about the dullness of the photos.

Cot quilt

I’m supposed to turn this into my son’s bedroom!!  I’m supposed to be dropping some stuff in a skip today but I’m not quite there yet, but boy did I stuff a lot in the recycle bin yesterday.  Zac’s Nana sometimes checks this blog.  I can only hope she doesn’t do so while Zac is there or I’ll be getting a cranky phone call from him!

Zac's new room

A little while ago I may have made mention that I was going to do a limited and entirely different look of Margaret’s Maltaville Album pattern.  While at AQC in Melbourne last weekend I meet up with Margaret and Irene and picked up some fabrics for my Maltaville quilt.  I’ve been saying to Margaret that this year I’m going to do a quilt in modern fabrics so here goes.  This quilt will necessitate a few quilt shop visits to shops that stock modern fabric and NOT repros.

My fabrics for the Maltaville Album quilt

I’m madly jumping from one topic to another but I’m supposed to be going to Margaret’s, ah 25 minutes ago!  Gotta dash!