Last Sunday was Farm Day and the subject matter was Prince’s Plume / Princess Feather quilts.  As always there were some absolutely stunning quilts to look at.  It’s always fabulous to get up close to Jan’s quilts and be able to have a really good look at how the maker may have bound and quilted  it.  Robyn provided lots of fun in getting us to have a go at actually trying to draw our own plumes and feathers and as always she provided us with some inspiring patterns to take home.

While I don’t have any photos of the day to show, I did get to go home with two books from Jan’s collection.  The first is “Make Room for Quilts” by That Patchwork Place, which has lots of pictures on displaying quilts, sewing room set-up ideas as well as lots of quilts to inspire

The cover of Make room for quilts

and the second book is “A communion of the spirits: African-American quilters, preservers and their stories” by Roland L. Freeman which has some really amazing quilts.  I love the larger scale of some of the quilts in this book.

communion of spirits book cover

The cover of Communion of Spirits

One of my favourite quilts is this next one which is going on my ‘to do’ list.

a quilt from communion of spirits

One of my favourite quilts in this book

The Australian Quilt Convention is this weekend so tomorrow I’m off on the train down to town to enjoy the day slowly strolling around looking at the exhibition and shopping for some fabric.  I’ve got a pattern I want to try with modern fresh fabric so I’m thinking a Jelly Roll will be perfect. Just enough different fabrics and in the right dimensions.  Choosing and using modern fabrics will definitely be going outside my comfort zone so we’ll see what I come back with.