My local area is absolutely bopping at the moment.  The Castlemaine State Festival is on at the moment and I’ve spent the day down in town visiting some fabulous exhibitions, particularly of the printmaking variety, as that’s my special love. I have in the past been a printmaker, and will be again one day.  I’ve been so inspired that I’m going to do a lino print of my logo idea, run up some prints and scan it into photoshop/illustrator for my business card.

Threadbear, my local quilt shop have had a 2 day Sale so I popped in and grabbed some fabrics for my pickledish clamshell project.  I’d run out of the patterned background fabrics and needed a bit more variety, so now I can get a few more of those done as well. I also grabbed a piece of that pretty pink floral as well.

sale day fabrics

Sale day fabrics for Pickledish Clamshells

And a little more fabric I picked up from the 50% off shelf a little while ago.

sale fabrics

I'm not sure what I'll do with them

And next week is the first ‘Farm Day’ for the year.  I think it’s Princes/Princess Feather? patterns that we’ll be looking at.  I’m off back to Illustrator to do some more work on Margaret’s logo.