It’s been a long time between posts again!  Two weeks ago I started a full-time job in Melbourne which has kept me really busy and it’s also the start of a new school year so that’s left me with little time to sew or post. I probably spend at least 3 hours a day commuting as I live well away from the city, as well.  I’m currently a Web Content Implementer!  Which just means I’m taking content from one website and putting it into another, new version of the site, which is why I rarely do much on the computer when I get home.

I walked out of my office building at the end of the day yesterday and it was quite humid with just a few drops of rain, nothing out of the ordinary or so I thought.  After my fellow commuters and I sat on the train at Southern Cross station for half an hour waiting for our train driver who never materialised we were offered buses for the trip home.  With lots of grumbling we all headed to the coach terminal and were met with well organised, courteous staff.  As we headed out of the city expecting horrendous traffic everything went smoothly and I looked out the window at the disappearing city and thought, oh dear look at those clouds I hope its not another weekend of rain and flooding in Victoria.

So here’s the last month in images.

just the tiniest bit of stitching, I’ve only managed to add stems to this

Finally started another block!

a new neighbour popped in for a visitor

Hi I'm Sqizzy, can I borrow a saucer of milk?

a parcel of goodies arrived

Which lot of goodies has arrived?

Oh! that spending spree late at night, or was it the early hours of the morning 🙂

Vintage Charm & MB Floral & Paisley fabrics

I usually shop locally, we do have one of the best reproduction fabric quilt shops in our town.  But sometimes you need to shop further a field to find a particular piece of fabric and Mary Dell Memering of The Stitching Post has been very helpful and look at the lovely card she put in my package.

I’m expecting another package as well of Smithsonian fabric that Margaret and I found and have bought up.

Many quilting blogs at the moment are full of posts and images about being snowed in and getting to play in ones sewing room for our Northern hemisphere community.  Most Aussies just can’t imagine that here but in the last six months we’ve all become aware of the seemly constant extremes of weather that we are facing all over the world.  Mother Nature seems to be throwing everything she has at us no matter where we are.

So while we don’t have snow this is what we do have at the moment.

the view from the front of my house, its been pouring rain and I’m wondering if its safe to go to the market to get milk, or even if the milkman actually has a stall today.

It should be sunny and at least 35C by now

The video below was made by some of our local independent media.