With the Aussie dollar having been so good, couple of weeks ago I went on a small fabric shopping splurge on the web.  I picked up some gorgeous Dargate Prussian Blues & Dargate Indigos by Margo Krager at Laptop Quilts as well as some very collectable RJR Smithsonian Grooms Quilt fabric called Cretonne in the most amazing pink as well as a yard of gorgeous blue fabric from the Shelburne Museum Sarah Johnson Collection also by RJR, from The heart of Dixie.  Nearly all of these will go well with my new “French Star” project.

Dargate Prussian Blues & Tans & Dargate Indigos by Margo Krager

Very collectable Sarah Johnson & Grooms Quilt fabrics

Back in November I accompanied Margaret to AQM.  While there I took the opportunity to avail myself to some new rulers.  I’ve had my old rulers since 1994 and had been of the opinion that I could do most everything I needed with what I had.  However I had been eyeing off the Creative Grids Non-Slip ruler range.  I was very restrained and only got the 4 1/2″ by 8 1/2″ ruler to start with.  I also purchased an 18″ Westalee ruler as well as 2 little sets of Stash Buster templates.

My very first ruler, due for retirement!

My new rulers, almost as much fun as new fabric!

Westalee Stash buster hexagons

Time to go and do some cutting with these new fandangle, whizz bang gizmos.