Last night I attended the opening of our Goldfield Quilters Exhibition which was a lot of fun.  I’ve only recently joined so it was a first for me.  The standard of quilts was extremely high and all the winners of the categories happened to be in the 4-10 quilting group that I’m part of at my LQS, Threadbear, in Castlemaine.

Rachel, who makes the most divine cakes and desserts for our group, won the ‘First time exhibitor’ award for her star quilt.  Once again I had no camera, but I’m sure she’ll put up a photo of her quilt.  Her quilt is just eye-catching, a simple and elegant star quilt.  And Margaret, did a beautiful job quilting it.

In getting ready for the exhibition I needed to frequently go to quilt shops and my purse is starting to look lean because of it.  Perhaps I should rename this month ‘The month of buying too much fabric’.

I’ve picked up some more Smithsonian fabric to fill some gaps in my collection, and I’ll eventually blog about those fabrics.  Some repros of the Smithsonian’s that I’ve mentioned previously.

While looking for the printable fabric for my labels I ended up buying fabric I didn’t need but absolutely had to have.  I console myself with the fact that some of it was half-price.

I just had to have these

The second and third fabrics are my favourite.  The second fabric with its touches of indigo and mustard is just divine and the third fabric is inciting me to go online to see if it came in any other colour-ways.  I confess to being a fabricaholic.  If you can identify any of the fabrics that I’ve marked ‘Unidentified’ please leave a comment

At the same time I picked up this next fabric, a stripey serpentine print, in a crimson, blue and winey brown colour.  I have no plans for it yet but just had to have it.

Collections for a Cause - Alliance

It’s been such a busy month that Margaret and I haven’t found any time to attend to our new collaboration, What fabric is that, but we’re hoping next weekend we can get back to it.  It’s a bit like a new child we’ve abandoned, but not for too much longer!

Lastly, remember to visit Quilts in the Barn to check out the photos of last weeks exhibition as Linda is updating regularly and take a copy of the ‘Quilters around the world Supporting Breast Cancer’ button to put on your blog.

Quilters around the world Supporting Breast Cancer