I shouldn’t really be blogging at the moment as I’ve far too much hand-sewing to do.  I’m exhibiting for the first time which means I’ve got 3 sleeves & 3 quilt labels to sew on quilts,  and one quilt to bind.

Margaret will have finished quilting my medallion quilt by now. I saw a glimpse of it on Tuesday night.  It was looking fabulous.  I think I’m calling it ‘Teardrop Medallion’ after the Smithsonian Rising Sun Collection Teardrop fabric that the vase is from.  Phew what a mouthful!

I won’t be able to pick up the quilt until Saturday on my way to Quilts in the Barn. So I’ll be binding it on Sunday/Monday and all the quilts have to be delivered on Tuesday.

I’ve been buying fabric over the internet as well so I’m rather eagerly waiting for a parcel from Texas.  The Stitching Depot had several yards of fabric that I just love, RJR Robert’s Baltimore Album in red, so I’ve been naughty and bought what they had left.

I’ve also got a bit in blue and my LQS also had it in a deep maroon.  okay and I’ve got some in green. For some reason I just love this particular pattern.  I wonder if its because it was originally released as a Smithsonian fabric!


Better known as Plume to Smithsonian enthusiasts



Plume in blue


Time to go to bed before I decide to go and look at fabric in my sewing room.  I’ll be back to tell all about my first trip to Quilts in the Barn in a couple of days, hopefully I’ll have lots of photos.