It’s been ages since I last posted.  I started a post the morning of the election & more importantly our August TAS meeting, saved it as a draft and never went back, much like our government!  I have been sewing though.

I’ve got my first block of my new applique quilt almost done, but much more importantly I’ve been working at finishing off two other applique quilts.  This has been helped by my LQS being flooded with new fabrics in the last 2-3 weeks so I’ve been able to choose some fabrics for borders.

My flowers & vase quilt has had its last lot of triangle strips attached, yesterday, and tomorrow I’m going to put the border on.  I’ve decided on a fabric from the latest release of Gettysburg, see below.

Gettysburg fabric for border

The other appliqué quilt I’m trying to finish this week, is my 4 block flower medallion, which is also getting a paisley border.  I don’t know what’s come over me with all this paisley. this quilt has ended up with quite alot of moda fabrics over time and I’m using a fabric by Sentimental Studio’s, Kashmir V.

Kashmir V Paisley by Sentimental Studio

I have a lovely little fabric for a narrow setting border and I will have to give this fabric the very lightest of tea baths just the take down the white a little, but when laying out the quilt top against fabrics this just gave it the loveliest summer feel, as well as bringing out the three greens I used in this quilt.

While at the shop I also spotted a particular fabric from the ‘A journey through time’ range which I’ve been waiting for so I bought 3 metres.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with it but I just had to have it.  Its quite similar to a fabric I have from one of the Smithsonian ranges.  I’ll scan that fabric at a later date to compare.

I just love this so much!

Oh I forgot to put up some photos of some of the show and tell from TAS as well as the guest speaker, Gail Chalker all the way from Gatton? in Queensland.  She brought along an incredible Baltimore Album Appliqué style quilt as well as a few others, no less stunning.

Incredible! just beautiful to see up close

and a few close ups

Woven red basket block

and another

Vase & birds

And this one which is my favourite.

My favourite, so simple but I just have to make it!

Well that’s all but if you want to see some of the TAS members show n’ tell pop over to Quilts in the Barn as Linda took some good photos!