Two years ago I made a vow not to start anything new until I had at least finished one of my medallion appliqué quilts that I had on the go, and I’ve only broken this vow three times! up ’til now. Each time its been absolutely necessary, of course!

So anyway, a little while ago I saw a picture of an antique quilt on someone else’s blog that I just loved. I decided that I just had to make a version of this particular quilt.  It would be my first red and green appliqué quilt, so I decided I was allowed to start yet a fourth new project.

Anyway, after several goes of trying to draft up the block and failing on one particular aspect, that of course was the aspect that I loved about this quilt, I tracked down the museum where the quilt was held and wrote an email to the collection manger.

I explained my dilemma and asked if they might have a clearer image I could look at, thinking I’d be lucky if I heard back, but I heard back the very next day. They kindly sent close up photos of the appliqué blocks, sizes and dimensions of the blocks and borders, detailed information about the quilting as well as information about the maker and how they came by the quilt.

The gentlemen I’ve been dealing with have just been so kind and generous. So after I finish my trial block I will be sewing a block up to make into a cushion and sending it to them, in fabrics a little closer to the original.

This trial block is made using four fabrics. A French General background, two greens and a Nancy Gere More Pink & Chocolate and I’m putting it ‘on point’.

Project fabrics

I’ll post images of the parts of the block  as I go and then the whole block when finished.