Having found my lost project, “Geese Crossing” I’m keen to get it moving again, so last night I ran up some new freezer paper templates. As mentioned in a previous post, up until I learned the freezer paper foundation piecing method, I just couldn’t see any reason I’d be interested in foundation piecing.  I’ve seen other quilters ripping away scraps of paper, and I just wince at the stress put on the stitching or other quilters laboriously drawing up log cabin blocks on fine interfacing and would sooner give up patchworking than use those methods.

With this method you roughly cut out a photocopy of the foundation block, cut as many pieces of freezer paper as required to the same size and pin or staple them together with the photocopy on top.  Using an old sewing machine needle & your UNTHREADED BOBBINLESS machine sew over the seam lines and voila you get your freezer paper templates, four or more at a time.

Freezer paper template

I’ll post some completed foundation pieces up later, now it’s time to actually cut, sew & iron. 🙂