I’m so happy! I’ve found a lost project. 18 months ago I was moving house and a friend came to visit a week before. So she packed up my very messy room, and started with my sewing table and a quilt in various pieces scattered everywhere.  She’s NOT a quilter, nor a sewer.

While setting up my sewing room a year ago I found all the pieces EXCEPT the 6 complete 20″ blocks that make up this 9 block quilt.  My sons were amazed that she lived to tell the tale, or was ever allowed back to visit. That visit I think was the one where she also broke one of my prized depression green glass bowls, one of the rare perfect ones with no scratches, no seams that I had picked up at the local op shop for $10, worth about $150.

Flying geese centre star

I’d essentially given up on ever see these blocks again and envisioned them at the local tip, stuffed in an old shopping bag and somehow tossed out as rubbish. 😦

Where were they found, in a box, under a desk in my sons room that I cleaned up on Sunday! I think that was the Fates present merely for entering that stinky room.

Anyway about the quilt, it’s a 85″  square flying geese quilt where I learnt to do my very first ever foundation piecing using freezer paper. So easy. The pattern is by Margaret @ Quilt Station.  Up until this quilt I’d never been interested in foundation piecing as I didn’t like the idea of using paper or interfacing, but I love using freezer paper. Since then I’ve done another quilt that uses the freezer paper method, Abbeville County, which uses freezer paper for the arcs.

Abbeville County arcs

Ciao for now